The Russian T-90A MBT, a successor to T-90 MBT, is one of the most advanced main battle tanks in the world to date. The tank consists of a 125mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, a pair of auxiliary machine guns and also Russia’s Shtora-1 (“curtain” in English) combined electro-optical countermeasures suite to protect the tank against laser guided weapons. T-90As entered service in 2005, replacing the aging T-72s and T-80s and forming the backbone of Russian ground forces.



This 1/35 scale plastic kit of T-90A MBT features rotatable commander’s cupola, movable torsion bar suspension and perfectly represented V-92S engine. All hatches can be built in either open or closed position. Cement-free workable double-pin tracks reproduce the real structure. Three painting schemes are provided. Overall length: 291mm; width: 109mm.



Since MENG’s TS-006 1/35 Russian Main Battle Tank T-90A plastic model kits came into market, they’ve been deeply loved and warmly welcomed by modellers. MENG, together with Warfare in Scale TV program, provide the building guidance video of T-90A for everyone. This video is presented by the Spanish modeller Juan Carlos Carmona. He created an impressive snow effect for the T-90A model. The whole building, painting and weathering process is neatly done. Without any doubt, everyone will learn some modelling techniques from it. We hope everyone can be inspired to build your satisfactory models. We want to express our gratitude to Warfare in Scale TV program film team including modeller Juan Carlos Carmona for their hard work.

  • This contemporary MBT which has the most complex look is realistically modeled with beautiful Russian style.

  • Upper glacis is accurately reproduced and its weld seams and bolts are represented as per the real things.

  • The PE engine radiation grill is fine and suitable.

  • The AA gun subassembly is precisely restored; the mantlet cover looks realistic.

  • The most shining IR lights of T-90A are manufactured with precision technology and they have precise shape and realistic linkages.

  • The engine deck can be modeled in open or closed position, fully satisfying modelers’curiosity about the engine.

  • Running gear is designed as per real structure and can realize shock absorption. The running gear and the precise workable tracks offer best modeling result.

  • This kit consists of a precision engine subassembly as well as two different crew helmets.

  • Breakdown of tracks follows the real construction; track pins made of TPE make the tracks be highly reliable and workable; carefully-designed tool simplifies the track assembly process.

  • The painting mask will ease modelers’ workload of painting road wheels.

  • This kit consists of green, black and clear sprues, realistic TPE mantlet cover and crew helmets as well as detailed PE fret and quality decal.