F-102A (CASE XX)

F-102A Delta Dagger, designed and manufactured by Convair,was the first supersonic all-weather interceptor and also the world's first aircraft applied the 'Area Rule'. There were two different wings for the F-102As: the 'Case X' and 'Case XX' wings. The F-102As were mainly deployed in North America, while a small number of them were deployed in overseas bases during its service. F-102As also served in Vietnam War. After being retired from USAF, a part of F-102 aircrafts were transferred to the United States Air National Guard and others sold to Greece and Turkey.



1/72 scale plastic model kit of F-102A Delta Dagger. It’s 289mm in total length and 161mm in width. Its unique shape has been accurately modeled, with wide wings and subtle wing angles precisely reproduced. The cockpit is detailed and its canopy can also be built either open or closed. The weapons bay is precisely reproduced and the kit contains folded and unfolded pylons and two types of missiles. Both landing gears and airbrakes can be built either open or closed. Three paint options are provided.

  • F-102As (Case XX) of 509th FIS were stationed in Udorn RTAFB in Thailand during the Vietnam War. This DS-005 kit perfectly replicates the F-102A (Case XX) used in that war.

  • The weapons bay and wheel wells of the F-102A (Case XX) are perfectly reproduced; 4 realistic missiles and drop tanks are provided.

  • This kit features accurate shape and complete details; details of the front windshield are perfect.

  • There are rich details in the rear section of the model aircraft; airbrakes can be modeled open or closed.

  • This excellent decal sheet printed by Cartograft provides rich markings; three paint schemes (509th FIS, 196th FIS and 179th FIS) are provided.

  • 6 Grey Sprues And 1 Clear Sprue Are Included In The Kit.