Ford F-Series pickups, best-sellers in the world pickup market, have also been the best-selling vehicles in North America for 37 years. In 1999, Ford Motor Company released a new version, the Ford F-350 Super Duty which was powered by a diesel engine. Its size and payload were increased to meet customer needs of special multi-purpose transportation, towing and hauling and other use. After many years of development, Ford F-350 Super Duty has become a top-ranked luxury pickup with heavy load capacity and high level configuration.



This 1/24 scale Ford F-350 Super Duty plastic model kit replicates the accurate exterior of this muscle truck. The precision and complex engine bay is fully represented. Two options of the wheel hubs and side steps are provided. A movable tailgate and a bed extender are included. Realistic metal plated parts are provided for the engine grille and wheel hubs. Metal reflective mirror film is provided for the rear view mirrors.
Length: 277mm    Width: 112mm

  • Long frame and unique decoration give the vehicle a cool and elegant appearance.

  • Its aerodynamic body design features a slender body.

  • Subtle chassis details and realistic tire textures are provided.

  • Big head design refreshes people’s perception of Pickup, the grille is provided as PE part which looks very realistic.  

  • A movable tailgate is included.

  • Simple-style console and interior are visible and metal reflective mirror film is provided for the rear view mirrors to make the model more realistic.

  • The precision and complex engine bay is fully represented with rich details.

  • A bed extender is included.

  • The kit is molded in two colors - black and pale. It also includes a chrome plated sprue, a clear plastic sprue, a masking sticker sheet, a metal sticker sheet and a decal sheet.