AMX-30 was a second-generation main battle tank equipped by the French Army. AMX-30 sacrificed protection for light weight so as to obtain strong mobility. It was equipped with a 105mm L/56 rifled gun and also a 20mm autocannon against slow flight vehicles. AMX-30B2 is an improved variant of AMX-30 with improved fire control system and power system and new torsion bar suspension which increased the off-road mobility. In 1991, French 4th Dragoon Regiment equipped with AMX-30B2 engaged in the Gulf War.



This 1/35 scale French AMX-30B2 MBT plastic model kit is 271mm in total length and 96mm in width. The cast turret is realistically represented on the model; the gun and 20mm autocannon can elevate independently; the hatch on commander cupola can rotate in 360 degrees; realistic running gear parts on the chassis are movable; elastic torsion bars combined with movable hydraulic shock absorbers can realize the shock absorption action like the real vehicle; workable track links are easy to assemble with the assembly jig. Precision PE parts are included.


  • The exterior of the vehicle is realistically represented.

  • Front hull parts are accurately reproduced. Clear headlights are provided.

  • A PE engine mesh cover and PE grills are included.

  • Cast turret and new tooled LLL TV camera are perfectly represented. White Light/Infrared searchlight can be built open or closed.

  • NBC protection system on the rear of the turret is precisely reproduced.

  • The Commander’s cupola is very detailed. Clear parts are realistically represented.

  • Storage baskets are realistically represented. All details of the turret are presented.

  • Movable suspension system and workable tracks are provided to replicate the running gear.

  • The kit contains yellow sprues, a clear one, PE frets and a decal sheet.