The Gregorian calendar is commonly used in the world today and shown in various forms. Following the development of electronic technology, electronic calendars are very popular these days. Yet, it still seems that we’ve missed something. Indeed, we’ve missed the fun of looking through a paper calendar and the practicality of marking important things on it. Paper desk calendar is more of a passion that we can’t easily give up than an indispensable tool in our life.
This simple but exquisite desk calendar is made of thick paper and its base is sturdy. Calendar size: 165 (h) x 220 (l) mm. This yellow and blue-colored calendar has useful pockets and an excellent collection of boxtop art works of MENG’s products. MEGN brings not only a unique desk calendar but also a special passion for modelling.


  • The highlight is the storage pocket. It can hold small articles and keep your desk in order.

  • Box art images of MENG products are printed on the back of each page. It is more a box art collection than a desk calendar for modellers.

  • You can mark important things on this practical desk calendar.