This TS-034 PLA Main Battle Tank ZTZ96B plastic model kit provides three build options: ZTZ96B MBT in 2016, ZTZ96B MBT in 2017 and the export version VT2. This kit contains a brand new movable suspension which has metal parts. The movable suspension looks good and works well. It’s firmer and more reliable.
Length: 282mm   Width: 101mm





  • Three model options are provided: different ZTZ96B MBTs in 2016 and 2017, and the export version VT-2.

  • The brand-new designed movable suspension looks good and works well. It’s more firm and reliable.

  • Realistic one-piece TPE tracks are easy to assemble.

  • Clear lights, periscopes and sights parts are included.

  • Crew hatches are movable.

  • Precision PE parts are included.

  • The detailed TPE gun mantlet and remote weapon station ammo chain are designed by digital sculpting.

  • This Kit Contains Yellow, Black Plastic Sprues And A PE Sheet, Metal Chains And A Decal Sheet.