The Panther tank developed by MAN was the most outstanding German medium tank in WWII. Its design combined the features of the Soviet T-34 tank and some excellent German designs. It became the backbone of the German armor units in late WWII. The Panther Ausf.A was an important version of the Panther tank. Between September 1943 and May 1944, about 2,000 tanks of this version were produced. It’s equipped with the iconic KwK 42 main gun, a brand new front ball mount and a new commander’s cupola.


This plastic model kit is another famous WWII armor project MENG has developed with the help from The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK and Mr. David Parker who’s the editor of the MENG AFV MODELLER magazine. Assembled model measurements: Length: 251.8mm  Width: 98.6mm  Height:85.27mm

  • By using the various optional parts, you can build it as one of the field modified tanks or as a command tank.

  • One-piece side skirts look realistic.

  • Hot rolling and cast surface textures are realistically replicated.

  • Two different anti-aircraft machine guns are included in the kit.

  • This kit includes clear parts, precision PE parts and metal cables.