The German heavy tank Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Porsche turret) was the initial version of the King Tiger tank. It was fitted with a turret which was produced for the Porsche heave tank prototype VK4502P. That’s why it’s called King Tiger (Porsche turret). The King Tiger saw its first combat near Caen in July 1944 and it greatly shocked the Allied forces.


 This kit can be built as a King Tiger (Porsche turret) at different periods. It includes easy-to-assemble link & length tracks, fine PE parts and assembly jigs, and provides 3 paint schemes.Length: 290mm   Width: 108mm 

  • Options for the King Tiger (Porsche turret) at different periods are provided.

  • The most outstanding feature of this variant is the unique Porsche turret.

  • A full interior King Tiger can be built with the SPS-062 interior set.

  • The King Tiger's heavy chassis and the interiors are a perfect combination.

  • A brand-new tooling turret is included.

  • Weld beads and cast texture are realistically replicated.