Unlike the more famous StuG III assault gun, the Jagdpanther tank destroyer wasn’t a combination of a modified fighting compartment and a Panther tank chassis. In fact, it’s an early planned tank destroyer which shared a lot of parts with the Panther tanks. The production of the Jagdpanther lasted for one year and a half and only about 400 rolled out the production line under the Allied air raids. Most of them were the Jagdpanther Ausf. G1.


 This model kit has a total of 975 parts. With the optional parts included in the kit, you have the options to build a Jagdpanther Ausf. G1 tank destroyer from different time periods.
Length: 286.4mm   Width: 96.26mm

  • Multi optional exterior details of different periods are provided.

  • The suspension can be upgraded to a movable one.

  • Metal side skirts are included.

  • The moving range of the main gun is same as on the real vehicle. Commander’s cupola’s hatch is rotatable.

  • Surface details incl. weld beads, cast texture, cutting marks and hot rolling texture are realistically reproduced.

  • Fine PE parts and metal cables are included.