BRITISH R-R ARMORED CAR Pattern 1914/1920

In 1914, the British Admiralty took almost all the RR Silver Ghost chassis and added a rotatable machine gun turret onto the chassis. Those were known as the R-R armored car. The first British armored car squadron was equipped with this armored car. Thanks to its light wheeled chassis, it’s quite suitable for operations in flat and open areas. So, the British widely used this armored car in North Africa. The famous Lawrence of Arabia used it to support the Arab Revolt and ended the Turkish rule of the Middle East that lasted for centuries. This luxury car originated armored car had strong and reliable structure. Some of them took part in WWI and WWII. They also appeared in the battlefields from the Irish Civil War in the 1920s to the South Asian Subcontinent in the 1940s.


This 1/35 British R-R Armored Car Pattern 1914/1920 model features accurately replicated vehicle structure and exteriors and rich details. It can be built as a WWI option or WWII option. The roof machine gun mount is rotatable. Clear light parts and PE parts are included. WWI and WWII paint schemes are provided.

Length: 147mm   Width: 58mm

  • WWI and WWII vehicle options are available. 

  • Both options have the lingering charm different from modern armored cars.

  •  The accurate turret has rich details like the realistic rivets. 

  • The detailed roof machine gun mount is rotatable.

  • The headlights are built from highly transparent parts.

  • Tires machined by advanced process technologies are as realistic as the real ones.

  • he classic car rims are represented by PE parts.

  •  The chassis details including the drive system are perfectly replicated. 

  • This kit contains yellow and clear plastic sprues, six tires, one decal sheet and one PE fret.