King Tiger Finally Unveiled

As we know that the MENG TS-031 German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret) model kit will be available this October. Now we have got its latest images.

MENG’s MOST LIKED Final First Prize Model Review

Sergiusz Pęczek’s AMX30, which finally won the First Prize of MENG’s MOST LIKED Final, has been rated very high by the judges.

MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Results Unveiled

We have felt your enthusiasm for modeling from your works.

MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Prizes & Souvenir

Before we get the results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Final on August 30, let’s see what we have prepared for the winners and the modelers whose models entered the final round!

Thanks to Your Efforts, We Get a Better King Tiger

Since we announced the news that we would develop the King Tiger model, we have received suggestions from many enthusiastic modelers all over the world. Now we would like to thank all of you for your support of MENG’s King Tiger model kit.

You Don't Need The Force, You Just Need This Set

There’s an old Chinese saying: to do a good job, you need good tools first.When modelers want to build plastic models, it’s important to have some easy-to-use tools. This is especially important for beginners.

A Quick View of MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Entries

How time flies! All 12 MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly online contests have ended. We have received numerous entries from all over the world and we have also felt your enthusiasm of plastic models. Voted by global modelers, a total of 36 entries have entered the final round. Now let’s take a quick view of

Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: July 2016

The results of the latest MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly on-line model contest are unveiled!

“Tiger-M” SpN SPV Sagged Wheel Set

MENG now announces a resin wheel set for the “Tiger-M” SpN SPV model kit, the SPS-035 Russian GAZ 233115 “Tiger-M” SpN SPV Sagged Wheel Set.

The Shining Red Star

In recent years, Russia has been carrying out military expansion. Russian Armed Forces have received various new weapons, including the Russian “Tiger” armored high-mobility vehicle.