“Special & Unique”

MENG will show new products of October and announce another two mysterious new products at the event. What’s more, event limited edition will be available in the online store at the same time. As always, there will be sections of lucky draw and guess. We’ve prepared attractive presents for the lucky

The Improved French “Hammer”

The AUF1 TA is the latest version of AUF1 155mm self-propelled howitzer produced by the French GIAT Industries under the requirement of the General Directorate for Armament (Direction générale de l'armement, DGA) at the beginning of this century.

The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 5

In addition to the infrared searchlight, the Chieftain has a laser rangefinder integrated in the gunner’s sight. The laser rangefinder was quite advanced at that time. To the left of the laser range finding sight, there’s a muzzle reference system used for better accuracy of firing. MENG uses the co

The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 4

The Chieftain turret has many interesting features. The most eye-catching one is the long barrel of the 120mm L11A5 L/55 tank gun. MENG uses vinyl material to replicate the mantlet tarp so that the main gun can be elevated and lowered

The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 3

After the scanning of the real vehicle and the measuring of details, the development of the Chieftain has reached the most important stage. MENG designers need to collect, classify, verify and integrate a large number of measurements, drawings and photos, and use them to create a model. For model de

The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 2

Just like the Centurion tank and Conqueror tank, the Chieftain tank used a cast turret. However, the turret didn’t have a mantlet. The turret front was more inclined and its shape looked quite unique. This turret became an important mark of the Chieftain tank.

The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 1

In November 2012, MENG went to UK for the first time and showed new releases in the IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld. As one of the most influential hobby shows in UK and even in Europe, the Scale ModelWorld attracts a large number of modellers every year.

Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: August 2015

Since the start of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly On-line Model Contest, MENG has seen popular response from global modellers who love MENG model kits.

MENG, Russian Uralvagonzavod To Start Extensive In-depth Cooperation

The Uralvagonzavod (Уралвагонзавод,shortened as УВЗ) located Nizhny Tagil, Russia was established in 1936 and it’s one of the largest tank manufactures in the world. It has manufactured numerous famous tanks like T-34, T-54/55, T-62, T-72 and T-90. Now, it has become the "Open Joint Stock Company “R

The Successful “Pursuing Excellence” MENG New Product Announcement Event

On September 4, 2015, the day after the China's inspiring V-Day Parade, MENG held the “Pursuing Excellence” New Product Announcement in Beijing.