A Sophisticated War Machine –– Leopard 1 A3/A4

TOKYO, Oct. 11, 2013 – MENG has announced a new kit numbered TS-007 – the German main battle tank Leopard 1 A3/A4 in the 53rd All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Test shots and samples are displayed in the show

Another version of Delta Dagger kit released

The F-102A(Case XX) Delta Dagger supersonic interceptor was the improved version of the F-102A(Case X). It was put into service soon for better performance. After fitted with advanced equipments like Autocollimator, Infra-Red Search System

The Amazing TS-007 Will Come In October

Wonderful October is coming! With the great support from HobbyLink Japan, MENG will show up in the 53rd All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013. MENG will not only display all the products which have been released recently,

Warning! High Speed Bombers Are Coming!

After releasing the characteristic Me410B-2/U4 "cannon-bird" kit, MENG now announces a classic variant of Me410, the Me410A-1 high speed bomber kit.

The German “Komet” Flashing Across the Sky

The Me 163B “Komet” was the world’s only operational rocket-powered interceptor that ever joined combat and shot down enemy aircrafts. It had tremendous speed and climb rate thanks to its unique power source.

A Great Addition to IDF AFVs – The IDF Tank Crew

After releasing the popular HS-001 Middle Easterners kit in October 2012, MENG’s team has continued studying and developing 1:35 scale figures. Now, we hereby announce our second figure kit in

Gaulish Elf – FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) is Coming!

In 1917, FT-17 light tanks roared across the horizon and achieved a great success. Concept of this tank was raised by Jean-Baptiste Eugène Estienne who’s considered to be “Father of the Tank”in France. It’s designed by the talented designer Rodolphe Ernst Metzmaier and then manufactured by a French

Correction on TS-006 Instruction Manual

Because of high similarity among the parts, our staff failed to notice that positions of part B24 and B25 in Step 22 “Side skirts assembly” on Page 14 were confused with each other.

MENG Building Guidance Video for DS-003 1/72 F-102A (Case X) Model Kit.

This is another wonderful model building guidance video presented by MENG and Warfare in Scale TV program! In this first building guidance video for MENG’s aircraft model kits,

T-90A is coming!

After two years of well preparation, MENG 1/35 Russian T-90A Main Battle Tank (kit No. TS-006) will be available soon.We hereby express our sincere thanks to Mr. Alexey Khlopotov(АлексейХлопотов),