The Birth of the “Chieftain” Part 1

In November 2012, MENG went to UK for the first time and showed new releases in the IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld. As one of the most influential hobby shows in UK and even in Europe, the Scale ModelWorld attracts a large number of modellers every year.

Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: August 2015

Since the start of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly On-line Model Contest, MENG has seen popular response from global modellers who love MENG model kits.

MENG, Russian Uralvagonzavod To Start Extensive In-depth Cooperation

The Uralvagonzavod (Уралвагонзавод,shortened as УВЗ) located Nizhny Tagil, Russia was established in 1936 and it’s one of the largest tank manufactures in the world. It has manufactured numerous famous tanks like T-34, T-54/55, T-62, T-72 and T-90. Now, it has become the "Open Joint Stock Company “R

The Successful “Pursuing Excellence” MENG New Product Announcement Event

On September 4, 2015, the day after the China's inspiring V-Day Parade, MENG held the “Pursuing Excellence” New Product Announcement in Beijing.

Meet the Smerch in August

Last August, MENG announced the 1/35 scale Russian 9K72 Scud-B Mobile Tactical Missile System plastic model kit, which attracted many modelers.

MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly On-line Model Contest

MENG invites all MENG fans to participate in the on-line model contest held on MENG's Facebook. You can show your works here, find more friends and win attractive prizes.

Unique IDF Infantry

Since Israel was established in 1948, it has been in conflict with surrounding Arab countries. Five Arab-Israeli conflicts broke out between 1948 and 1982.

Tritton Chaser

Thanks to its streamline shape, the beautiful Whippet originated in England can run at a high speed which is hard for common dogs to achieve. So it’s easy to see what British designers expected when they named a tank Whippet.

MENG Offers Top-quality After-sales Service

In recent years, MENG has released many popular scale model kits and gained support from modelers around the world. With our team’s continuous efforts and hard work, MENG has more and more scale model kits to offer these days.

The Armored Monster

In 1916, British and French troops launched the Somme Offensive against German army astride the River Somme in northern France. This battle, one of the bloodiest in human history, has also been remembered because of a new weapon that shocked the German army, the British Mk.I heavy tank. Tank, one of