It’s Not Running Fast, But It’s Cute

The British infantry tanks were used to support infantrymen in operations. They were heavily armored but with limited maneuverability. The Matilda II was the main infantry tank used by the British at the start of WWII. The German 88 mm anti-aircraft gun was the only weapon that could penetrate its a

Choose YU HENG for Smooth Airbrushing

YU HENG is the Chinese name of one star in the Big Dipper (or the Plough) asterism. It’s also used to describe the fine tools. We have chosen it to name our brand-new trigger airbrush too.

Your Leopard Needs A Tabard

In response to the harsh operational environment in Afghanistan, the Canadian Army equipped their Leopard C2 main battle tanks with a distinctive canvas cover.

Another Thin CA Glue Unveiled

The instant CA glue has been widely used by modelers for gluing parts and many other purposes. So having a proper CA glue is very important.

The Ultimate Leopard 1 Variant

Canada started to upgrade their Leopard C1 tanks to the Leopard C2 standard since the year 2000.

Hello, Shenzhen Scale Model Competition

MENG is really honored to be invited to the 2018 Shenzhen Scale Model Competition in Southern China.

Perfect Accessories for Improving Magach Details

The mighty and dusty appearance of Israeli AFVs is quite to AFV modellers’ taste.

The Old Armor Upgraded for Modern Wars

The Magach 6B is the Israeli name of M60A1E2. Like what they did to other imported AFVs, the Israelis have applied various upgrades on the M60A1E2.

Hold Your Details

You must have been fed up with the experience that plastic parts fly away from your tweezers unexpectedly.

New Face of the German War Horse

The Panzer IV tank has been called the German War Horse.