Meng Model Building Guidance Video for SS-001 1/35 VsKfz 617 Minenräumer model kit!

After its first build guidance video for pickup, Menghere releasesits second build guidance video for 1/35 VsKfz 617 Minenräumer model kit, No.SS-001! The video is filmed and produced by Warfare in Scale TV Program under authorization of Meng Model by using latest digital cinema tech.

MENG’s first new scale aircraft kit of new series turns up!

MENG will start selling its first 1/48 scale aircraft model kit of the LS series soon. This is Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4 heavy fighter known as a bomber-killer.

TS-003 1/35 French AMX-30B MBT Coming to Market Soon

MENG’s French AMX30B MBT model kit which has been released in IPMS Scale ModelWorld 2012 will come to market soon. Casted turret shape is realistically reproduced on the model; the gun and 20mm autocannon can elevate independently;

DS-004 1/72 G.91R Light Fighter-Bomber to be released soon!

MENG’s next new release after IPMS show will be G.91R, the historic aircraft in Italian aviation history. This kit can be assembled in two versions: R/1 and R/3.The landing gears, canopy and brake can be built either open or closed.

IPMS Show Reports

MENG's first public appearance on IPMS(UK) Scale Model World 2012.The surprises we prepared for the show will be known one by one.

Mystery Guest on the IPMS

There will be a mystery guest on the IPMS (UK) Scale Model World 2012, who is he/she? It is said that he/she comes to support the new release of MENG MODEL, trudging from Bovington to Telford with a distance of 178 miles.

MENG to attend IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld 2012

MENG will attend the IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld 2012 on 10th and 11th November, 2012, which will be MENG’s first worldwide public show since our establishment.

MENG releases its first figure set!

Civilians are absolutely necessary for dioramas of Middle Eastern subjects. Therefore, MENG has released its first figure set – Middle Easterners which you can use to make a sequel of your model story!

DS-003 F102A (Case X) to be released soon!

After releases of DS-001 and DS-002, MENG now has reversed from its Japanese hypothetical aircrafts style to release a model kit of America's first supersonic all-weather interceptor! Three painting options will surely let you enjoy the modeling best.

A39 Tortoise Tank Will Be Available Since End of August!

In order to present modelersa perfect A39 Tortoise model kit, MENG has extended its development period, resulting in late release. With kind support of the Tank Museum in Bovington UK, this kit reproduces the real vehicle as much as possible.