A Good Helper for Model Building

The instant CA glue has been widely used by modelers to glue almost all kinds of materials. Metal parts and resin parts can only be glued by instant CA glue.

The Eye-catching Accessories for Your Merkava

The storage baskets and boxes of AFVs are often filled with various articles during combat. When you build a model, those items also become the most eye-catching part of the model. For modelers who like the Middle Eastern subjects, the dusty storage baskets are perfect additions to the Merkava tanks

The Legend of the Ice Ocean Unveiled

We now have the second product of MENG Warship Builder Series!

One Cut, Everything Done

How long does it take to build a plastic scale model? Removing parts from plastic sprues and clean them up is a time-consuming and boring work. This work may repeat nearly ten thousand times before one model is done.

A Good Addition to Your Airbrush

No matter which kind of paints you are using with your airbrush, it’s an annoying thing to see water sprayed out of the airbrush.

The Detailed Heart of the Behemoth

As the heart of vehicles, engine is one of the most important parts that influence the performance of vehicles.

The Upgraded Hebrew Shield

Merkava, a well-known name to military enthusiasts, is a unique main battle tank. By now, this IDF tank which has a strong survivability has reached its fourth generation.

Reproducing the Last Cold War Behemoth

Many people are crazy about the rugged look and strong cross-country capability of the Russian heavy cross-country trucks.

Being a Jeeper, Being Different

Jeep vehicles have been famous for their styles and outstanding performance. Jeep Rubicon,

The Coldest Day, The Most Suitable Addition

World War II was the most difficult and disastrous global war in human history. During the six years of war, both sides suffered a great loss. There were many famous battles happened in extreme cold winters. Now, MENG has a new figure set that can be added to your WWII winter dioramas.