A New Shining Cute Armor

Now we have the latest WWP product, the WWP-004 KV-2. This product is also based on the corresponding WWT model. Like previous kits, it features snap-fit design and pre-colored parts. How can you miss this kit with shining color and lovely bear images?

Here Comes the Most Powerful Allied Armor

In 1945, the U.S. heavy tanks finally arrived at frontlines in West Europe. The Pershing tank was powerful enough to suppress the German heavy tanks. It also had the horrible advantage in number. About 2,000 Pershing tanks were produced by the U.S. within half a year.

The Latest Warship Builder Kit

The U.S. Navy battleship USS Missouri, one of the most powerful battleships in human history, is a name well-known to every military enthusiast. She’s the favorite subject of many modellers.

Mustang, the Sky Hunter

The P-51 Mustang fighter developed by North American Aviation was the best single-engine fighter in term of general performance during World War II. It had top aerodynamic design and power in WWII. The P-51D was the most important Mustang variant. It had improved fuel capacity and could provide the

You Can Have a Better-functioning & Nicer-looking Pin Vise

Are you bored of the noise when you rotate your pin vise? Or do you need to spend a lot of time looking for it due to its unimpressive color and small size? Now, you have another choice.

A New Panther Family Member

The German military hoped to use Panther to replace Panzer IV as the backbone of the armored units.

Show the Interiors, Show a More Realistic Model

MENG has released interior sets for both TS-031 King Tiger (Henschel Turret) and TS-037 King Tiger (Porsche Turret).

You Cannot Miss This Cute Little Beast

The World War Toons game based series plastic model kits presented by MENG and Studio Roqovan have been popular among global modellers.

Watch Out, Jagdpanther!

A crowd of prey approach in a sunny day. They are unware of the danger not far away. A predator hiding in the busy stares at its prey and wait for them to enter the attack zone.

Now You Can Choose the Cutting Mat from MENG

Have you ever been bothered by a cutting mat which was full of cuts and with illegible scale marks? If so, why don’t you choose one cutting mat that can keep such disturbances away?