Your Husky needs them

No matter it’s on the real vehicles or on scale models, wheels are one of the most important components.

An Essential MENG Product for Working with CA Glue

The CA glue has many outstanding features, however, applying the thin and fast-drying CA glue can be a tricky job.

The Perfect Cavalry Tank for Mobile Operations

In WWII, the U.S. cavalry units abandoned the practice of riding horses.

Meet This New Star of Mountain Combat

High altitude, large temperature difference, dry weather, broken stones and snow, Afghanistan has the harshest natural environment for ground weapons and soldiers.

Different Panthers, Different Fun

The MENG WWP series products have bright colors instead of the cold paint schemes on these war machines.

A Foreign-made German Tank

The World War Toons game based series plastic model kits presented by MENG and Studio Roqovan have been popular among global modellers.

A Good Tool for Preparing the Outstanding Details

Photo-etched (PE) parts are a good choice for improving the details of models. However, these fine details are not easy to prepare. Have you ever been bothered by the tiny and fragile PE parts?

The Arrow That Streaks Across The Sky

Which is the most reported Russian weapon? T-90A or Su-35? Maybe you are surprised of the answer, but it’s strange to you. The 9K37 Buk air defense system has taken part in almost all the regional conflicts and got some victories. Buks shot down several Georgian aircrafts in South Ossetia in 2008. I

A New Shining Cute Armor

Now we have the latest WWP product, the WWP-004 KV-2. This product is also based on the corresponding WWT model. Like previous kits, it features snap-fit design and pre-colored parts. How can you miss this kit with shining color and lovely bear images?

Here Comes the Most Powerful Allied Armor

In 1945, the U.S. heavy tanks finally arrived at frontlines in West Europe. The Pershing tank was powerful enough to suppress the German heavy tanks. It also had the horrible advantage in number. About 2,000 Pershing tanks were produced by the U.S. within half a year.