Close Your Eyes, Explore Your Dreams

Have you ever experienced such strange years that when you close your eyes, you are in a world full of exciting ideas? In Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai (Pre Stage), you will meet many such guys and their garage kits based on their ideas.

First Battle of the King

July 11th, 1944, the Caen Front. The 3rd battalion of German s.H.Pz.Abt. 503 was ordered to strike back against the Canadian units in Colombelles.

MENG's MOST LIKED Contest 2018 Results Unveiled: Feb. 2018

Base on the judges’ careful selection and modelers’ votes, here are the final results of the February contest of MENG's MOST LIKED Contest 2018.

A Good Accelerator for the Black CA Glue

The MENG MTS-016 Thin Black CA Glue can be widely used for various gluing purposes. Its curing speed is slightly slower than normal CA glues so you can adjust the parts when necessary.

The Panther Turret You’ve Never Seen

Tanks are often operated under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions.

Another Panther Unveiled

The cartoony FPS World War Toons game designed by Studio Roqovan in the U.S. has been among the players on the PlayStation VR platform.

New German Tank Ahead

The German Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks were not the opponents of the Soviet T-34 and KV series tanks in the battlefields. Even the Tiger I heavy tank that started to appear sporadically in 1942 could hardly affect the overall situation.

MENG's MOST LIKED Contest 2018 Starts

Do you still remember the MENG’s MOST LIKED On-line Model Contest in 2015 and 2016?

A Good Helper for Model Building

The instant CA glue has been widely used by modelers to glue almost all kinds of materials. Metal parts and resin parts can only be glued by instant CA glue.

The Eye-catching Accessories for Your Merkava

The storage baskets and boxes of AFVs are often filled with various articles during combat. When you build a model, those items also become the most eye-catching part of the model. For modelers who like the Middle Eastern subjects, the dusty storage baskets are perfect additions to the Merkava tanks