MENG’s First Assembled Model Is Coming

The AMS-001 American P-51D Mustang Fighter Sweet Arlene (limited edition) is MENG’s first assembled model product. After careful design and repeated tests, we will have a limited number of 500 sets of this model available soon. This is a replica of the P-51D 44-63223 “Sweet Arlene” was flown by Lt.

Panther, More Exciting Things

The interleaved road wheels are one of the most typical features of German tanks in WWII. German engineers cleverly arranged more road wheels without lengthening the chassis. Those road wheels were quite important for the stable driving of the vehicles. German armored vehicles fitted with interleave

Panther, One of the Most Feared Tanks of WWII

Panther was the most excellent German medium tank during WWII. When it was deployed, Germany was greatly weakened.

The Story of Cartoonized Armored Beasts Continues

The cartoony FPS World War Toons game designed by Studio Roqovan in the U.S. has been among the players on the PlayStation VR platform. The WWT series plastic model kits developed by MENG based on the armors in the game have been popular among global modellers. Now, MENG and Studio Roqovan bring ano

The Most Classic Russian Individual Weapons

Russian individual weapons are the most classic ones in modern wars. Their reliability and low price made them the favorite weapons of soldiers. They’ve got more exposure in the seesaw battles in Syria. No matter it’s in the Middle Eastern deserts or in the Balkan forests, it’s rare to see the preci

Sound the Horn, Win the Success

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has received modernized new equipment in the new era. This change is particularly obvious for PLA’s armored units. Their old Russian style uniforms have been replaced by new equipment like modular combat equipment and improved military boots. The PLA armored unit

Stormtroopers Report for Duty

The latest MENG HS-010 Imperial German Army Stormtroopers plastic model kit includes four figures of different gestures. They hold representative weapons and have vivid facial expressions. Their actions will leave you deep impression.

The Most Powerful Battleships

Now MENG releases two brand new 1/700 PS series warship model kits: PS-003 German Navy Battleship Bismarck and PS-004 U.S. Navy Battleship Missouri (BB-63). Like the previous PS series products, these two kits also feature snap-fit design and pre-colored parts. These two models also have proper deta

Make Your Own Unique F-350

Vehicles are not only a means of transport to the Americans.

Make Your Own Unique F-350

Vehicles are not only a means of transport to the Americans.