Sound the Horn, Win the Success

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has received modernized new equipment in the new era. This change is particularly obvious for PLA’s armored units. Their old Russian style uniforms have been replaced by new equipment like modular combat equipment and improved military boots. The PLA armored unit

Stormtroopers Report for Duty

The latest MENG HS-010 Imperial German Army Stormtroopers plastic model kit includes four figures of different gestures. They hold representative weapons and have vivid facial expressions. Their actions will leave you deep impression.

The Most Powerful Battleships

Now MENG releases two brand new 1/700 PS series warship model kits: PS-003 German Navy Battleship Bismarck and PS-004 U.S. Navy Battleship Missouri (BB-63). Like the previous PS series products, these two kits also feature snap-fit design and pre-colored parts. These two models also have proper deta

Make Your Own Unique F-350

Vehicles are not only a means of transport to the Americans.

Make Your Own Unique F-350

Vehicles are not only a means of transport to the Americans.

The New Swords of the Flying Knight

No one can deny the strength of the U.S. air power. Since World War II, the U.S. air forces have used their equipment with excellent tactics to gain outstanding results.

A New Masterpiece, the Lightning II

The F-35 was the most eye-catching new fighter jet over the past ten years.

MENG Resin Figures Coming

Resin models have much better details than plastic injection models.

The Story of Cartoonized Armored Beasts Continues

The WWT-001 German Heavy Tank Tiger I and WWT-002 U.S. Medium Tank M4A1 Sherman cartoon model kits have been popular among consumers thanks to their cute and interesting exteriors from the FPS game World War Toons developed by Studio Roqovan.

New Addition to the MTS Tool Series

A variety of new materials have been widely used on model kits nowadays.