IPMS Show Reports

MENG's first public appearance on IPMS(UK) Scale Model World 2012.The surprises we prepared for the show will be known one by one.Maybe you couldn't come to the show,but you can feel the great event with our camera.


MENG provides fans present with hand bags, and encourages them putting their preciouses into the bag.


Taking an overview at MENG’s stand, fans are looking so earnestly.


Staff of MENG is talking with fans.


MENG releases TS-003 on the show. And these are the kits of the French capital tank AMX-30B.


See MERKAVA 3D, A39 Tortoise, VsKfz and 617 Minenraumer? Well, some of them are brought by British modelers; can you

recognize which ones?


The first model of MENG, a pickup! We have released Middle Easterners collocate with the pickup for pickup fans, and we will

bringout a seriesof products on this topic, please maintain your attention!


MENG ingeniously prepares limited special version for the show. See the standing up box? All right, it is DS-003s F-102A (case X)!

For moreinformation, please click:http://www.meng-model.com/index2_new.php?id=194


Listening to modelers and satisfying them is always the philosophy MENG acts upon. Therefore, we have a wish list activity for

modelers, and weprepare pens, cards and a box for them.


We are deeply touched when seeing them filling the wish cards so seriously!


MENG’s specially prepared magic badges are very popular with fans, particularly with the little fans. Look at the enthused boy, oh, how cute!