Meng Model Building Guidance Video for TS-001 1/35 Merkava MK.3D Model Kit!

This is the third model build guidance video issued by MENG. Hope MENG fans will like it. The video is filmed and produced by Warfare in Scale TV Program under authorization of MENG by using latest digital cinema tech. We are also so glad to invite modeler Juan Carlos Carmona to join us in this video to share you his experience on building MENG’s 1/35 IDF Merkava MK.3D Model Kit fantastically. Juan Carlos Carmona will share you his techniques in constructing, painting and weathering this 1/35 IDF Merkava MK.3D Model Kit, and specially show how to make nonslip coating of AFVs. We hereby want to express our gratitude to Warfare in Scale TV Program film team including Mr. Juan Carlos Carmona for their hard work and cooperation.