A Useful Tool Built for Easy Work






To build a realistic model, you will need a lot of airbrushing, especially the fine airbrushing which takes a long time. What you get at last is a finely painted model and stiff arms and numb fingers.
Now, MENG offers a new choice, our MTS-001 VERMILION BIRD 0.3mm Airbrush. It is a precision airbrush optimized for long-time fine airbrushing. This airbrush, made of special aluminum alloy, weighs only 76.2g. It’s a perfect choice for long-time airbrushing. Thanks to a proper stroke mechanism and smooth feedback of the push-button, your fingers will remain nimble even after the airbrushing for a long time. A regular needle cap and a crown needle cap are included for various applications. The precision 0.3mm nozzle can spray very thin paint and is suitable for all kinds of lacquer and acrylic paints. This airbrush surface can resist wearing and corroding because of its special treatment. Enjoy airbrushing with our MTS-001 VERMILION BIRD 0.3mm Airbrush!