Russian AA Gun Set



In modern armed conflicts, the Russian ZPU series anti-aircraft guns are outstanding among a variety of popular light anti-aircraft weapons.
By using 14.5×114mm ammunition, the ZPU series guns can destroy flying targets in 2000m height as well as ground targets within range of 1000m. They are mounted on three different carriages to be three versions of guns including ZPU-1( single-barrel), ZPU-2(double-barrel) and ZPU-4(quad-barrel). The ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun mounts two 23mm light anti-aircraft guns with an efficient firing range of 2500m and firing height of 5100m. It’s very popular fire supporting weapons in frontline.
The 1/35 Russian Light AA Gun Set  model kit, to be released end of March, is comprised of four Russian main light anti-aircraft weapons, ZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4 and ZU-23-2. They have been being important weapons since they were developed half century ago. Let’s see what highlights this kit comes out under the special design of MENG designer!