Accurate Engine & Realistic Tracks

The engines and workable tracks are very important for modelers who pursue accurate and realistic tank models. MENG will release them in three kits.




The SPS-028 Russian V-84 Tank Engine is a precise replicate of the complex Russian engine. It has rich details showing the beauty of this powerful machine. It can be used for 1/35 scale T-72 and T-90 tanks equipped with the V-84 engine.




The SPS-029 Single-pin Tracks for T-72 & T-90 Main Battle Tanks and the SPS-030 Double-pin Tracks for T-72 & T-90 Main Battle Tanks follow MENG’s design concepts of workable tracks. They are easy to assemble and cement-free. These realistic and enjoyable tracks are the perfect choice to replace the stiff vinyl tracks and assembly tracks that need glue.