Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: March 2016

The results of the latest MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly on-line model contest are unveiled! A total of 12 valid works have been shared on MENG’s Facebook page. Please see the form below for the final results:


Congratulations to Przemek Przybulewski (BMPT Terminator, 700 likes), Sergey Osipov (IDF Heavy APC Achzarit Late Version, 352 likes) and Oscar Alfonso Selva (Pickups, 336 likes). They will receive MENG model kits as their prizes and they will also be qualified to take part in the annual Final. A total of USD3,500 will be the prize of the Final.


Let’s enjoy their works!

Przemek Przybulewski  BMPT Terminator



Sergey Osipov  IDF Heavy APC Achzarit (Late Version)



Oscar Alfonso Selva  Pickups



Meanwhile, the ninth MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly on-line model contest has started! Modellers can send photos of your works to us now!


See the contest rules here: