The Whippet & Its Friends



The TS-021 British Medium Tank Mk.A Whippet kit released in 2015 has been popular in the market. Now, we have found four good friends for it. Let’s take a look.
The Whippet’s friends are not AFVs. In fact, they are four British infantry figures wearing Brodie helmets. They are produced by the famous Ukrainian manufacturer, Master Box Ltd. Three infantrymen wearing leather jackets are armed with a 7.7mm Lewis M1914 machine gun and Lee-Enfield rifles. They carry ammo pouches and gas mask bags. The machine gunner wears puttees. They are attentively looking at the front. The officer who holds a truncheon and wears an overcoat and leather boots is giving instructions to the three infantrymen with his hand pointing forward. In history, these infantrymen accompanied the Whippet tanks in battles. Now, they’re together again in the MENG TS-021s British Medium Tank Mk.A Whippet & British Infantry plastic model kit.