MENG’S MOST LIKED Final Judges Mr. Kristof Pulinckx & Mr. Aaron Skinner


Kristof Pulinckx


We met Kristof for the first time in Beijing in 2014 when he was invited to be one of the judges of the First MENG Model Contest. This tall man has extraordinary love for plastic models. Now, we have the honor to invite him to be the judge of MENG’s MOST LIKED final contest.



He was born 4 decades ago on a sunny Easter Sunday. He lives with his family in the northern part of Belgium close to the Dutch and German border. When he was a child, he watched his father build models and often he could watch for hours. Sometimes he was given the chance of gluing some parts together. A couple of years later, he got his very first model kit, a 1/72 Spitfire. He spent nearly all his pocket money on modeling stuff and was modeling until the early hours during school holidays.



At the age of 16, he was blown away when he discovered the Verlinden magazines. He joined a local modeling club and started writing articles for various magazines. He became an editor of a Belgian based modeling magazine and later he was contacted by Fernando Vallejo, the founder and owner of AK-Interactive, and received the job as project manager and editor of Tanker Techniques magazine. Interestingly, his 8-year-old son often comes over to look that how Kristof build models and shows interest, just like Kristof in the early age.


E50 Heimdal


SU-152 Self-propelled Gun


Mark IV Heavy Tank


T-72B Main Battle Tank


Whippet Medium Tank





Aaron Skinner


Aaron is an amazing editor and modeler.



Aaron built his first model with his grandfather when he was four and has had something in-progress on his workbench ever since. He has worked for FineScale Modeler for 10 years. He is the author of three books on modeling and airbrushing.



Aaron’s interest spans the gamut of genres from aircraft and armor to sci-fi and figures. But he has a special interest in commercial airliners, Soviet and Russian military vehicles, and anything Australian.


SBD Dauntless dive bomber


P39 Airacobra fighter


SAAB-37 Viggen fighter


Australian Leopard AS1 main battle tank


Russian T-90 main battle tank w/ TBS-86 tank dozer


German A7V Tank (Krupp)