MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Judges Mr. Chukashev Eduard & Mr. Wu Di


Chukashev Eduard (Эдуард Чукашев)


The 55-year-old Chukashev is a senior media professional. He is now the Associate Editor of M-hobby magazine and a leader of the Meridian Culture & Art Center Display Department. He’s also a member of the International Federation of Journalists. He now enjoys Moscow government subsidy for the cultural field.



He has been building models for decades. He likes and builds all kinds of subjects.


2S7M Self-propelled Gun


French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret)


German A7V Tank (Krupp)


Fletcher Class Destroyer




Wu Di


He’s the editor of the Model World Miniatures magazine and a curator. The Model World Miniatures magazine founded in 1999 is the only professional hobby model magazine published publicly in China.



Mr. Wu Di is widely recognized for his efforts in promoting miniatures in China. He spared no effort to promote the hobby culture and let the public experience the fun of modeling and enjoy excellent miniature works.