MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Judges


Mr. Yoshitaka Saito (齋藤仁孝)


Mr. Yoshitaka Saito (齋藤仁孝) born in 1967 is the editor of Armour Modelling magazine. Armour Modelling is a Japanese military hobby magazine which introduces land weapons like AFVs and artillery. The magazine was introduced in 1997 as a bimonthly and then changed to a monthly. AFV models not shown in Model Graphix are published in it.



In the early days of Armour Modelling, Mr. Yoshitaka Saito was already a modeler. His fresh style has attracted a lot of fans. Now he still publishes many new articles in the magazine.


German Tiger I Tank (Early)








Mr. Takahashi Rijin (高桥里仁)


Mr. Takahashi Rijin (高桥里仁) born in 1976 started his job in the editorial office of Hobby Japan magazine in 1999 and he has been the Associate Editor of the Hobby Japan magazine since 2010.



Hobby Japan was introduced in the 1960s. It’s the general hobby monthly magazine with the longest history. At first, its contents were about toy cars and then the contents expanded to plastic model kits and garage kits.