Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: July 2016

The results of the latest MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly on-line model contest are unveiled! A total of 21 valid works have been shared on MENG’s Facebook page. Please see the form below for the final results:


Congratulations to Przemysław Mrożek (FT-17 National Revolutionary Army, China, 14,720 likes), Johann Gil (FCM 2C, 13,606 likes) and Rafał Opieczonek (Panzerhaubitze 2000SP, 8324 likes). They will receive MENG model kits as their prizes and they will also be qualified to take part in the annual Final. A total of USD3,500 will be the prize of the Final.


 Let’s enjoy their works!


Przemysław Mrożek    FT-17 National Revolutionary Army, China



Johann Gil    FCM 2C



Rafał Opieczonek    Panzerhaubitze 2000SP



Now all MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly contests have ended. A total of 36 works have entered the final round. Our final judges are now working on these entries. The final top three will be announced on August 30th!