A Quick View of MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Entries

How time flies! All 12 MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly online contests have ended. We have received numerous entries from all over the world and we have also felt your enthusiasm of plastic models. Voted by global modelers, a total of 36 entries have entered the final round. Now let’s take a quick view of these works!


Lorenzo Delucchi  Merkava Mk.IIID


YC Chung (钟岳志)  Country life in South Dakota


Christos Athanasiou  Beute Ft-17


Przemek Przybulewsk  AUF1 155mm French Self-propelled Howitzer


Marek Růžička  D9R Bulldozer


Domingo Hernández Martín  Cougar 6x6


Sergiusz Pęczek  AMX-30B


Michel Pérez  D9R


Konrad Dzik  M2A3 Bradley w/BUSK III


Eduard Valishin  Pickup with Rocket Launcher


陈喆(Chen Zhe)  Ambush


Sergey Osipov  D9R Armored Bulldozer


Oscar Alfonso Selva  Renault FT-17


Zabokritsky Vitaliy  Smoko


Ian Barraclough  T-90A


Ivan David Mariño  T-90A


Przemek Przybulewski  9A52-2 Smerch


Domingo Hernández  Smerch


Carlos Franco  Cougar 6x6 Iraq


张乘熙(Zhang Chengxi)  M2A3


Marcelo Viglione  Cougar 6x6


Przemek Przybulewski   BMPT Terminator


Sergey Osipov  IDF Heavy APC Achzarit (Late Version)


Oscar Alfonso Selva  Pickups


Przemek Przybulewski  D9R Bulldozer


陈喆(Chen Zhe)  M2A3 IFV "Street View"


Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek  Leopard 1A4 (GR)


陈喆(Chen Zhe)  T-10M Heavy Tank


Viacheslav Novozhilov  9A52-2 "Smerch"


Krzysiek Borek  M3A3


Przemek Przybulewski  PLZ05


朱肖峥(Zhu Xiaozheng)  Orphan Gorilla


陈喆(Chen Zhe)   Leopard 2A7


Przemysław Mrożek  FT-17 National Revolutionary Army, China


Johann Gil  FCM 2C


Rafał Opieczonek  Panzerhaubitze 2000SP