MENG’s MOST LIKED Final Results Unveiled

During the MENG’s MOST LIKED online contests in the past twelve months, we have received many contest entries from all over the world. We have felt your enthusiasm for modeling from your works.


After several days of carful checking, the MENG’s MOST LIKED Final judging panel has selected Sergiusz Pęczek’s AMX30 as the First Prize, 张乘熙 (Zhang Chengxi’s) M2A3 the Second Prize, and Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek’s Leopard 1A4 (GR) Third Prize. Congratulations! Sergiusz Pęczek will receive USD2,000 and the First Prize medal, 张乘熙 (Zhang Chengxi) will receive USD1,000 and the Second Prize Medal, and Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek will receive USD500 and the Third Prize medal. Let’s see how their models have won the judges’ hearts.


First Prize


Sergiusz Pęczek  AMX30


This well-deserved winner of the MENG’s MOST LIKED competition completely fulfills the judging criteria for all of the entries, realism. The model is a superb replica of an abandoned out of service vehicle with tools and small fittings missing, showing the effects of the weather on the paintwork which is faded and rusted. Even though the model features a few additional detail parts, it’s the extremely high quality of the paint finish which sets this model apart. Close up photos show that the paint effects are just as convincing under high magnification and the realistic way that the vehicle markings have also been faded are equally convincing. The different finishes on the exhaust mufflers and the small bits of foliage trapped in the suspension all reflect the high level of detail and observation that have been applied with considerable skill to make this winning model.




Second Prize


张乘熙(Zhang Chengxi)  M2A3


Coming a very close second, this M2A3 Bradley shows just how high the quality of competition has been. Once again, it is attention to the fine details and close observation of the real vehicle which make this another winning entry. Fine scuffs and chips along the ERA blocks have been very convincingly handled along with the unified weathering and considered use of stowage. The addition of details like the pin-up in the driver’s compartment and the fun inclusion of the MENG kit on one of the bench seats all add to the appeal. Rust streaks are minimal as befits the dry theatre of operations and this then contrasts with the rust streaked sign strapped to the bow.



Third Prize


Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek  Leopard 1A4 (GR)


The third placed entry is another excellent example of the high levels of realism being obtained with this Greek Leopard. Greek Army camouflage is not one of the easiest to model with its vibrant colours but realism has again been key with elements like the tool stowage looking extremely real. Other touches like the tape wrapped around the antenna, the realistic mud on the running gear and the clip-on wheel cover all enhance the finished model. The level of finesse, consistency of finish and convincing weathering are again what lifts this model above the average.