The King Tiger Box Art Unveiled




We showed the finely designed exterior of the MENG TS-031 German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret), the detailed interior set (SPS-037), the workable tracks (SPS-038), the Zimmerit Decal (SPS-039) and even the small assembly tools in the kit. But wait, what does its box art look like?

The box art is drawn by the well-known artist Mr. MASAMI ONISHI, featuring the No.334 King Tiger (Henschel turret) heavy tank in Hungary in late 1944. It’s the No.3 ace of s.Pz.Abt.503 and was credited with 103 kills under the command of Heinz Gartner. There are many highlights in this box art. Mr. ONISHI even includes the German Gold Cross on Heinz Gartner’s chest.