Hello, Shenzhen Scale Model Competition


MENG is really honored to be invited to the 2018 Shenzhen Scale Model Competition in Southern China. MENG was founded in Shenzhen seven years ago, and now we finally get the chance to take part in a great hobby event held in Southern China!



As a local firm in Shenzhen, we have prepared something special. Firstly, we have prepared a show limited edition product, the ES-004 French FT-17 Light Tank (Fengtian Army). This kit will include a special resin turret carrying the ZB26 machine gun and a 1/35 figure of Zhang Zuolin, General Marshal of Army and Navy of the Beiyang Military Government of the Republic of China. The Fengtian Army’s FT-17 tank was the first tank owned by Chinese. And now MENG presents this kit for the first national hobby event held in Southern China.



Also, modellers can buy MENG products at favorable prices at the event. What’s more, we have prepared an interesting and rewarding game: MENG Model Hunters! The players will find what they need from the numerous sprues to get a kit of their own. And don’t forget the instructions and decals. The price of each sprue will be only RMB8. So, if you are familiar with MENG products, you can get a MENG kit at a much lower price. If you are a diehard fan of MENG, why not try to see if you can get a latest kit or even a limited edition kit from the game?



We will see you in Shenzhen Bao’an Science and Technology Museum on Oct. 5th and 6th, 2018.