The Sherman’s Co-star



The German Army faced great anti-armor combat pressure during WWII. For the units that could not use AP shells, the Germans equipped them with various HEAT shells. The U.S. Army responded in a simple and direct way. They covered tanks with sandbags to detonate the HEAT rounds early so the tank armor wouldn’t be penetrated. As the war went on, such temporary improvement practices became more and more popular. And it became iconic equipment of the U.S. M4 tanks.


Following the release of the brand-new M4 Sherman model kit, MENG now announce the SPS-070 M4A3 Sandbag Armor resin set for the tank kit. The sandbags are designed by digital sculpting technology. They feature realistic shapes and details. You can use this set to replicate a U.S. M4 tank with additional sandbag armor.